About Doug Ranno

Doug Ranno has spent a lifetime in agriculture, guitars and songwriting. With more than 30 years in the agriculture and fresh produce industry, Doug is known as a business leader with a proven track record of creating business and businesses with innovation, passion and team motivation. He has lead large divisions of Fortune 500 companies and led unique startup businesses from conception to sale. Doug likes to support his favorite charities with an innovative custom guitar making business called Musical Harvest. He has been writing music since he was a teenager and occasionally plays at benefit events with his band, The Harvesting Crew. One of his songs appeared in the #1 spot on the Cash Box Country Music Charts in 2016 and and he also has music that has been used as TV show sound tracks and one song was used for Emmy nominated NBC documentary on The Vietnam War.

Doug’s Ventures

Doug Ranno Produce ™

Doug Ranno Produce is a leadership, public speaking and strategic planning agricultural industry consulting business.
Click here to learn more: www.dougrannoproduce.com

Musical Harvest®
Musical Harvest is a business that Doug Ranno created to give back and to help worthy charities, artists and businesses develop brand-building promotions with Musical Harvest Guitars shaped like fruits, vegetables, boots and who knows what else.

Click here to learn more – www.musicalharvest.com

Doug Ranno Music™
Doug Ranno is a BMI singer song writer who writes country music from the heart. Growing up in the farming business and living a full and adventurous life has given Doug plenty to draw from as a composer through the years. Doug Ranno and his band The Harvesting Crew released their first studio album in 2014 appropriately called “The Musical Harvester”. Doug writes and performs from time to time with friends in California and Nashville will be releasing some new music this year recorded in Nashville with some amazing musicians and producers. He has also appeared on several TV shows, articles and blogs usually referred to as The Musical Harvester

Click Here to learn more: www.dougrannomusic.com

Festive Harvest Farms

Festive Harvest Farms is a business created to run trials and tests of new, innovative and better tasting fresh produce products and to determine viability of future business and commerce opportunities of those products.

Click here to learn more: www.festiveharvestfarms.com

Industry Leader: Doug Ranno has served on many important industry boards and advisory groups, and has earned a seat at the table with leaders from California to Washington D.C. as he advocates for agricultural and community improvement issues.

Family & Community: Doug Ranno is well known and respected in the community as someone who cares and gives back while keeping family first and improving lives one sole at a time. Doug has been known to use his love and passion for music and guitars to raise funds for many a worthy cause, thus the nickname, THE MUSICAL HARVESTER!